Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Thoughts from My Head

I need a Shake Weight. I have bat wings since having the children. Mr. Snarky would laugh his butt off if I used a Shake Weight.

I need to lose 30 lbs. Because I say so. Mr. Snarky says I am fine. I say I want to go back to pre-kids status. I was within 8 lbs when I got pregnant with the surprise bebe. Dieting and breastfeeding don't go so well together but I shall start slowly.

I like 80s music. Touch that dial, turn me on. Start me like a motor, make me run. Lovin' every minute of it.

My stepson is being a lazy slug. He sleeps all the time. He is going to have a very hard time readjusting to a school schedule, both for that fact and the fact his home time zone is 3 hours apart from ours.

I like Tori Amos. I'm listening to her now. Cornflake Girl.

I'm out of stuff to say. Toodles.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow that was a long time

without any snarking! I designed this post just for some friends of mine who get irritated when a certain person on a certain message board with numbers always begins her post in the title box, even if she's replying.


Speaking of Wonderland, I finally saw Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." Marvelous. The dancing was a bit odd, but whatever, the rest of the movie was golden. Of course, Mr. Snarky will tell you that's because I am in LUV with Johnny Depp, but he neglects to mention that I've had a love for all things Alice for basically my whole life. I even have a Caterpillar tattoo, for Heaven's sake (Sir John, not Disney, TYVM.) I know I told you that. Now I told you again. :P

I actually put needle and thread to fabric last week and stitched on Mirabilia's "Fairy Moon." I effed the whole thing up and ended up ripping out everything I put in. I used the wrong color, despite being under my Ott light. Frog: 1, Me: 0. I wanted to cry but it did feel good to stitch again. I hadn't managed it since the 9 month old was born. Maybe if I didn't try to watch WWE while I stitched, I would have more success.

Speaking of WWE, if I hear "FLAWLESS" one more time, I may pull an Elvis and shoot the TV. Poor Low Ki...er, I mean Kaval. I'd rather have my Pro be the Miz than LayCool. Any day. And the Miz is NOT awesome.

My favorite fundie took her kefir wee and went home some time ago because everyone on teh Interwebs is mean and nasty and boohoo. *insert Mel Gibson mocking crying here* Then she put her blog back up by popular demand for her recipes (srsly? People can't figure out how to make gloodles?), so I shared it with my stepson. He was amazed at the rusty tin can crockpot bread. Good times.

There is an LDS fundie whose name begins with an "L" She shares a last name with a comedian who likes to smash things with a sledgehammer and bills herself as a organizer who is very lazy (Hint: L.O. is the blog name.) I feel sorry for her children. One time (at band camp) they played a game in which they pretended a car had flattened Mommy and she was dead so the kids had to fend for themselves. Great fun. She tries to take all the real fun out of their lives. And she took away the books! No books! OMGWTFBBQELEVENTY!!!!1111111111 I would DIE if someone took away my books and I would never DREAM of doing that to my kids. She says children learn through play and equates a library card to unsupervised access to teh Interwebs. O.O

And although he isn't a fundie, I am having quite a good time with Mel Gibson's meandering stroll down Crazy Lane into Insanity Town. Ebaum's World has a soundboard here. They're having a contest, too. Go check it out. But BLOW ME FIRST! Oh, that wacky Mel!!