Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RIP, DJ Leon Botha

Some time ago, Mr. Snarky discovered Die Antwoord. He showed me their video for "Enter the Ninja" which I quickly dismissed as a bit of straight up effery. Then DJ Leon Botha popped up on the screen all quick, like effing Captain Howdy in "The Exorcist" and scared me half to death. I said, "What is this sh...AAAAHHHHH!" I watched the rest of it and got the chorus stuck in my head for roughly...well, forever. It's back again now. I-yi-yi. I am a butterfly. GAH!

He and our friend Jason have had an unnatural love for all things Die Antwoord ever since. They find the group zef. Me...not so much. I think the rapper dude is actually pretty talented, but the chick is out there and the group's image is just silly. I prefer Michael K's commentary on the group. Like when he called the girl a "trailer pixie"

But so Botha was apparently one of the oldest living people in the world with progeria, a condition in which the body rapidly ages. And he died on Sunday,the day after his 26th birthday. That is sad. He certainly got a lot accomplished in his life, though-DJ, artist...he did a lot to be remembered for.

And now, without anyone to do the art for Die Antwoord videos, they will probably all be like the "Zef Side" video with a closeup of the rapper's crotch and his little rapper bouncing around in his pants in slow motion. Skip past 1:13 in that video if you don't wanna see it. Seriously.

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