Sunday, July 24, 2011

Working from home-eCopywriters

Whew, sorry so long since my last post, but I've been workworkworking and think I've found my best gig ever. But today I'm blogging about eCopywriters, so here we go.

I wrote for eCopywriters only for a short time in late 2009. The company had plenty of 2 star assignments for writers, as it seems to now. The supply of work was never an issue for me, but getting paid was. I wrote less than a dozen articles for the company, and was paid for them in multiple transactions over three months, with the last payment coming over two months after my last article.

I emailed several times to discuss the payment situation, and was assured that my payment would be made on the next payout date. Sometimes I got nothing, other times I got a partial payment. Now, this may have been due to the way that they invoiced their clients, but the bottom line was that I could not afford to wait months for my pay, especially at that point in my career, when I wasn't making much per article as it was.

I was going to say I don't necessarily recommend staying away from eCopywriters, especially as I do not know if they've improved their payment system. Plus, plenty of work was available and I did eventually get paid for all the work I did for them. However, Google is telling me that many other people have had the same experience, with some posts dated after my time with them. So if you choose to try eCopywriters, I would do so with caution at first, or only if you are comfortable waiting for payment.

After eCopywriters, I joined Demand Media Studios. More on that next time.

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